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Scottish Gourmet Food
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Scottish wines, grown, produced and bottled in Perthshire.
Unique to Scotland, Cairn O’Mhor wines are made from the fresh ingredients that Ron and Judith Gillies find growing around the braes of the Carse of Gowrie in Perthshire. The topsoil is very fertile in the carse and generation upon generation of people living there have turned it into a great big beautiful garden, where all kinds of things can grow.
Cairn O’Mhor wines are country wines - i.e. wine made from fruit, berries, flowers, leaves or other country ingredients. To produce the wine Ron and Judith gather up strawberries, raspberries, brambles, elderberries, elderflowers, oak leaves even, from all around the winery in Errol. They then prepare them in different ways with water, sugar and various other ingredients to make a kind of sweet fruity soup, and introduce grape yeast into the barrels. Overnight these clever little organisms come to life and set to work converting the sugars in the mix to alcohol, breathing off carbon dioxide in the process which makes it go all frothy. After three days the must (what you call it) is hand pressed and when all the sugar has been turned to alcohol, the yeasts slip in to repose and gradually fall to the bottom of the tank. The clearing wine is drawn off from the top, filtered, bottled and stored in the dark.